Judd Jones is a Masters swimmer from the United States. He’s also a Ph.D. bioengineer with over 25 years professional experience, and is interested in studying how high temporal resolution heart rate data can add to our understanding of cardiac physiology during training, and contribute to the development of better training methods. His story below!

How did you start swimming?

I was an All-American in High School, but left the sport for over 30 years. I started again in Masters four years ago, and have re-discovered the joy of swimming!


How did you train for the Pan American Masters Swimming Championship?

I swam only “long-axis”, freestyle and backstroke events, so I was able to ignore breast and fly. I trained mostly for the 200s, mostly using sets of 4×50 on :10 to :15 rest, at strictly race pace. If you want to swim 35s in the meet, swim 35s in practice!


What was the highlight of the Championship?

In the pool, I was happy to win my heat in the 200 free, clipping the guy in Lane 4 by 0.56; it was a great race! On the deck, it was thrilling to meet so many international swimmers! I brought 350 little American flag pins to give away. It was fun to make so many friends!


What are you preparing for next?

There are a couple of nearby 3K open water swims this summer. I’ll do them for fun. In the pool, I’m looking forward to the SCM season this fall and to the Masters World Championships next summer!


What features would you like to see on Instabeat’s dashboard?

I’d like to see a graph of heart rate as a function of time, call it h(t), with variable resolution, so you can zoom in on specific sections, and scroll back and forth through the session. I’d also like to see the derivative h’(t), that is, how fast heart rate is changing. I’d also like “export” and “import” buttons, so I can save a session, or a fragment of a session, to a file, or recover a previous session. I’d like the exported file to have a simple format, perhaps CSV, so I can, for example read it into Excel & do other calculations.


Judd 3Judd is on the extreme right


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