This weekend my uncle and his family came to visit, so I spent a day helping him with some things he needed. The best surprise was that he bought a new boat! He’s a kitesurfer and a major water lover, so he’ll definitely get some good use out of it. We recruited his two young sons and got to work washing it. It was lots of fun, especially attacking the little kids with the hose :p Since everything was already wet, we washed all the cars and his dog too. Then we hauled his new TV up four flights of stairs and set it up.

After finishing everything, I changed and jumped in the pool for a good workout session, alternating between upper and lower-body laps (using a pull buoy and a kickboard). In a 15 meter pool, I swam three laps upper then three laps lower, repeating four times for a total of 24 laps (720 m). It felt really good to isolate my legs, because I sometimes feel like they’re just dragging along behind me more than helping me move forward. I would say the lower body laps were definitely the harder part of the workout for me, especially because I move through the water much slower when I’m only using my legs. To cool down, I swam three slow freestyle laps.

The next day was spent enjoying the summer sun playing some soccer with my cousins. Overall, a pretty fun weekend!

reem boat

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