Since I started writing my blogs, I started wondering whether sharing information with the public is harmful to me or beneficial to them…up to this stage this stays a mystery in my mind.

Do athletes really share everything they do including their nutrition, training and personal goals, with the public? Do they pretend to tell you everything but end up giving you bits and pieces of what they actually do on day to day basis? And is having a secret recipe what makes them winners in their field?

It is hard for any athlete to give out his/her secret, this is part of what makes us unique. Athletes share their success stories after they become successful and not on their way to achieving success.

We live in a competitive world. As a swimmer, the difference between winning and losing could be splits of a seconds. Sharing training could make you lose or win these splits of seconds.

I am a true believer of sharing in general, but when it comes to my training I would rather keep some of the secret recipes to myself……call me selfish but this is part of the game. One day I might become a successful story and share everything I have with the public. One day I might write all my training secret recipes, but for now I will share some and keep some.

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