Yesterday I had an absolutely amazing workout. It started with a 30 minute jog and ended with a 30 minute swim, but what made it really great was the middle part: a bodyweight-only workout, mixed with jump roping for speed and agility, and little rest time. All you need is a jump rope and enough floor space to work up a sweat!


The workout consisted of 3 sets of the following exercises:

-3 x (4 push-ups+ 8 mountain climbers) (mountain climbers = running in place in a push-up position)

-8 squat thrusts (jump up and land in a squat, then thrust your legs back, do a push-up, and repeat)

-12 tricep dips

-8 power jumps (jump up forcefully, reaching a squat position in the air, land on toes)

-8 diamond push-ups (hands together, make diamond shape with index fingers and thumbs)

-12 squat jumps (jump and land in a squat)

-10 tricep push-ups (hands turned 90 degrees so fingers face each other)

-24 alternating lunges (12 per side)

-8 wide push-ups (hands very wide)


The actual workout looked like this:

-1 minute jump rope

-Set #1 with 30 seconds jump rope between each exercise

-2 minute rest + water break

-1 minute jump rope

-Set #2 with 30 seconds of side to side jump rope between each exercise (jump left and right, not exactly in place)

-3 minute rest + water break

-1 minute jump rope

-Set #3: do each exercise as many times as possible in 30 seconds, with 30 seconds of speed roping between each exercise

-4 minute rest + water break

-Ab workout: 30 seconds slow jump roping between each exercise (30 leg raises, 50 crunches, 30 V-ups, 25 reverse curls, 30 side sit-ups (15 per side), 15 regular sit-ups, 3 sets of 2 minute planks)

-You’re done!


Want an extra challenge? Try using a weighted jump rope!


After finishing this grueling workout, I went up to the pool and swam about 30 minutes of slow, easy laps to cool down. At around 20 minutes I really felt the workout in my upper body, mainly my shoulders. The water really helped me loosen up my muscles. After finishing, I stretched for about 20 minutes to avoid any cramps or pain from the workout. reem profile


After a nice cold shower (you’ll want it after that sweat session!), I had a yummy lunch with my cousins at Sushi Ko, with a giant cup of caramel ice cream after 🙂 But the best part? Feeling the ultimate sign of success – soreness the next morning!


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