Zeyad was on the American University of Beirut  swim team and is currently studying to be a medical doctor. 

Why and how did you start swimming?

I first learned how to swim at the age of 4. I kept on taking swimming lessons, however it wasn’t until the age of 13 that I began to take swimming more seriously on a competitive level.


How do you feel about seeing your face in the press everywhere?

It’s definitely overwhelming, and I’m proud to be associated with Instabeat’s success.  I am very happy to see Instabeat gain so much momentum in a short period of time.


Having tried the monitor, what do you think of Instabeat?

Honestly, I did not expect the device to be as subtle as it was when I had first swam with it. The idea of having a device on your goggles, instead of wearing a belt or other device to any other part of your body, seems really practical after having tried out Instabeat. It’s quite an experience, and with the product performing as good as it does, the future of Instabeat looks promising.


How has your swimming training changed with the start of med school?

Being a medical student is a full time job, but I do my best to make time for sports; mainly swimming and going to the gym. After enrolling in medical school, swimming has become more of a hobby that I pursue on a regular basis.


Tell us more about your experience swimming with your university’s varsity team.

I would have to say the best memories as an undergraduate student was my experience with the swim team. You are surrounded by people who share your passion. The competitive environment and regular meets push you to perfect your technique, stamina, and strength. As you compete and strive to achieve the best times possible you meet new friends that will stay with you long after you have graduated.

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