I finished my semester a few days ago, which left me with three full months to practice hard, go out with friends, and still have plenty of time left over to sleep, relax, and basically spend my time as I choose- definitely a luxury that I miss! Now that I have so much free time, I’m starting a new practice program that will be much more swimming oriented than track oriented. I’m looking at six days of swimming a week, with three or four heavier workouts, and two lighter ones.

Yesterday, I tried out a new idea for a swimming workout that mimics the structure of a sprint workout. When running sprints, it’s important to train the fast-twitch muscle fibers, which give more explosive power, rather than the slow-twitch muscle fibers, which are trained in more distance/endurance based workouts (such as the generic lap swimming). I did some research on ways to train fast-twitch muscle fibers through swimming, and found that it could be achieved through a shorter but more intense and powerful workout.

Based on this, I created a 30 minute swimming workout that would push me to my limit. I started with some stretching and a warm up (as always), and then began swimming, at nearly full speed. My workout was something like this:

3 x 50 meters with 2 mins rest in between
3 x 100 meters with 3 mins rest in between
2 x 150 meters with 4 mins rest in between

The verdict: definitely an enjoyable and successful workout! It was hard but not impossible to do, and I felt just the right amount of exhaustion at the end of it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in speed training, or for a day when you don’t have much time to train!

Picture 6

Afterwards, I spent an hour baking with my grandma. We made these delicious pastries with a cake batter crust, date centers, and nuts and powdered sugar on top. Yum!


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