Hey everyone!

Lately I started a new routine of mixing swimming with my regular track practice schedule, and so far I’m loving it!

When I started swimming again, I thought it would burn me out and make me more tired at practice, but I was surprised to find that it’s helping me quite a lot! I feel that my endurance is picking up, and I’m less tired at the end of my usual running warm up. Even when I’m running sprints, I feel that I can breathe a bit easier, push harder, and last longer during practice. And of course, relaxing in the water after a tough sprint training day never hurt anyone 😉

As far as my swimming workouts go, I’ve mainly been swimming regular freestyle laps. Before I start, I’ll decide if I’m going to base the workout on time or distance. For example, I may choose to do 3 sets of 15 minute swims or 2K of swimming, regardless of the time it takes to finish.

I’m planning on starting to time some shorter swims too, so that I’m able to track my progress as I go. This way, I’d be working on both speed and endurance. I do some interval practices too, where I swim quickly for 2 minutes, then slow down for 1, and repeat for several sets. This way I get the most optimal fat burning for the workout time.

Since I have some heavy weight training for track, I’m not losing much weight on the scale, but the legs of my jeans feel a bit looser, and my stomach definitely looks flatter. I’m planning on starting to measure my arms, legs, and waist soon so that I can have a better idea of my progress.

Overall, I’m so happy to have gotten back into swimming!

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