I love swimming and it makes me love my days even more. The more I swim, the more I am excited to do better and improve my times.

Swimming has become part of my daily routine.

I was at a meet in Doha lately, one of the biggest meets that has ever taken place in Qatar. There were more than 400 swimmers representing more than 37 countries and clubs. The competition was hard, and that is what made it more interesting. I was looking forward to racing against older girls as I was among the younger ones in the age group.

I am a Brevet student, so it has been tough cutting on school days- I did plenty of it this year, partly due to traveling for swimming, and partly because I was sick with viral meningitis. My school once again gave me the permission to travel and represent Lebanon.

A big group of Lebanese swimmers gathered at Beirut International Airport , we were all excited to travel once again together. The competition dates were between the 25th and the 28th of April, but we had to go a day ahead inorder to relax and get ourselves ready for the races.

I choose to participate in eight races , which is the maximum number allowed for each swimmer. In addition, i was asked to join the girls’ relay team in all three races. Overall, I did well, regarding the number of medals I received. I won four gold medals, and three bronze medals in my individual races as well as two silvers and one bronze in the team relays.

You may be impressed, but I wasn’t fully satisfied as I did not achieve the times I wanted. I was able to win some of the hardest races and beat my toughest competitors. However, i also learned that swimming was not only a physical activity but a mental training. Mentally you have to be challenged to do your best, and although this was one of many swimming meets i had attended, i know that each meet teaches you something new.

Competitions are never easy, but if you set your mind to it, i assure you, you can do it.

I am now preparing for the many races to come, while keeping in mind my school finals and official Brevet exams.

The summer season starts with :

  •       Short Course Lebanese National championship on the 1st and 2nd of June, followed by
  •       The Arab Jr Age Group Championship in Amman between the 5th and the 8th of July, then
  •       The Jr. World Championship in the last week of August in Dubai, then
  •       Long Course Lebanese National Championship the first week of September, and finally
  •       The Asian Youth Age Group Championship in October.

Yes it might sound like a lot, but that is why I train all year long.

swimming girl


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