Instabeat is proud to present the Black Swimmer and give you updates on her training and her road to the Olympics. 

My name is Sara Khatib. I am 14 years old and love to do all kinds of sports.

My passion in life is to swim. I fulfill it by swimming every day.

I started swimming at the age of three. At the beginning it was just the sort of activity that every child does. I would enjoy splashing and playing with my friends in the water two to three times a week.

March 7th 2005 marked a very important day in my swimming career. That day, i won every race I swam during the Lebanese Winter Championship and broke every record for my age group (age group 6/7).

My life changed after that day.

I had a passion for swimming , but that was not enough. Swimming needed dedication, commitment, and sacrifice.

My parents helped me become who I am today. They provided me with all types of support, mental and financial.

Today I have proven to all that I am one of the top female swimmers in Lebanon.

I am the first Lebanese swimmer to win two silver medals in a Youth Asian Championship.

I am the holder of the Gold Medal in the 1500 Youth Arab Championship.

I have won medals and awards from local and international championships, and have broken Lebanese records in almost every race I have participated in.

Swimming is my life.

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