(Picture taken from: http://www.portofinopools.com/)

We all know that technology has revolutionized swimming. From fabrics, to techniques, they have all been optimized and are still improving.

But can swimming pools also have an effect on your performance?

The “fast pool” made its debut at the 2012 London Olympics. Its wave minimizing design does indeed help swimmers go faster. It is one of the most technologically advanced pool ever built.

Missy franklin explains that water turbulence created by waves from other swimmers affects your performance and disturbs you when you are competing. The London aquatic center decided to cater to this disturbance and designed a pool that dissipates the energy and the waves created by swimmers.

To be able to do that, engineers have re-designed the sides of the pool, the bottom of the pool (it s actually adjustable!) the depth of the pool and even lane lines so that waves are tamed.

It leaves us wondering where technology will take us in a few years…

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