(Picture taken from http://www.livestrong.com/)

Swimming paddles can be very beneficial tools during your training. It can improve your technique, your speed and your strength in the water. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind when using paddles:

1- Look for a pair that is slightly larger than your hands (or even maybe the same size as your hands).

2-Always stretch out and warm up before starting any workout (especially when you are using paddles), to avoid back pain.

3- Make the most out of it. When you don’t put the hand into the water in a properly streamlined position, the hand paddle flaps. This means that not only does the paddle help you to go faster but also to concentrate on correct hand positioning. MAke sure you focus on that too.

4- Alternate, don’t over use. You definitely shouldn’t be using paddles every time you swim.

5- Don’t worry if you feel weird after you removed them. It just takes a few laps to get used to the water again.

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