Nose Clips

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Nose Clips are meant to keep water out of your nose by squeezing the nostrils together. Many swimmers are fans of this little piece of rubber. However, although it might be helpful, to some extent, it can also limit your performance.

The advantages of nose clips:
1-When you’re swimming freestyle, it helps you concentrate on breathing only from the mouth when you rotate your head.
2-During the backstroke and butterfly, it is hard to keep water out of the nose, that’s when a nose clips comes in handy.
3-Some people’s noses are allergic to pool chemicals (like chlorine). The nose clip is a great solution to solve that problem.

The disadvantages of nose clips:
1-You lose efficiency in your breathing. When your nose is shut, it doesn’t only keep water out of it, but air as well.
2-As specified in older posts, when your head is in the water, it should be constantly exhaling. With a nose clip, people have the tendency to hold air in.
3-Once you practice with a nose clip, it becomes hard to swim without it. It should definitely NOT become a habit.

We therefore recommend to use a nose clip only if you want to focus on learning a specific stroke but are having trouble concentrating because of water going into your nose. Once you master your technique, you should start practicing without the nose clip.

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