Jumping into freezing water: crazy? Try healthy!

As tough as it is, swimming in cold water is extremely beneficial for you and gives you a boost that nothing else can give you.

1-It stimulates your heart: when you are cold, your blood flow increases because your body is sending a lot of blood to your organs. This helps your circulation which is advantageous for your skin, your veins, your extremities, and many other parts of your body.

2-It boosts your immune system: by quickly changing your body’s temperature, you are “training” your body to respond quickly.

3-It burns calories: by exposing it to cold water, you are making your body work twice as hard to keep you warm. To do that, your body uses up the fat as a primary source of energy and burns more calories than if you were in warmer water.

It just takes that second of courge to take the leap and jump!

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