Swimming goggles are essential for any swimmer. They come in many sizes, shapes and types and serve several purposes:

1-They help you see clearly under water: that’s the most obvious benefit of swimming goggles. This is beneficial for both competitive and recreational swimmers.

2-They protect your eyes from the chlorine, the sun, and the water debris: opening your eyes in the water (whether in a pool or in the ocean) can cause irritation of the eyes, blurry vision or even temporary blindness. Using swimming goggles protects your eyes from the many harsh effects that the water can have on your eyes.

3-They allow you to wear contact lenses: No need to worry about losing your lenses anymore.

4-They enhance your performance: When you see better, you swim better.

5-Soon they will be able to track your training statistics and give you instantaneous feedback to optimize your performance: Wait and see what Instabeat is developing for you…

So goggle up!

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