Swimming to lose weight

woman on the beach

Swimming has the power to tone you up and slim you down. Today, Instabeat gives you a few tips to lose weight while swimming.

1- Have an action plan before starting your workout. Set your target so you know where you are going. Ideally you should include 4 types of strokes, with intervals. You should also alternate between sprints and slower laps, this way, your heart rate will be brought up and then down, helping you train it properly.

2- Use equipment during your workout. By doing that, you focus on one part of the body (for example, if you use a kick-board, you would be focusing on your legs, etc…).

3- Keep track of your training. Look at the time, count your laps, etc.. Instabeat will soon equipe you with the perfect product to do that. In the mean time, control your swim by keeping track.

4- Aerobics classes are very useful when it comes to weight loss, so find your nearest gym club and enroll in one.

Good Luck!

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