(Picture taken from http://www.examiner.com/)

The best tips come from the practitioners themselves, and who better than an Olympic Gold Medalist to give you swimming advice?

1- Gear Up: incorporate training tools into your workout. Swimming flippers, training paddles, etc.. This will motivate you to train more and try all the available features of these tools. Soon, you will be able to add our Instabeat device which will be your most useful swimming partner 😉

2-Do Many Drills: We tend to swim with the objective of improving our endurance and speed. But drills can help your form and even improve your performance! Do embrace the under-water kicking exercises, the repetitive strokes, etc..

3-Hit the gym: Michael Phelps added weightlifting to his trainings in preparation for the olympics. Pushups can help too.

4-Think when you swim: You have to stay focused and in control all through your performance. In Beijing, Phelps had water filling his goggles at some point. However, he was so focused that he remembered the number of strokes he needed to move across the pool and ended up winning the race.

5-Give yourself time to rest: You need to let your body recover from your trainings to be able to get going again.

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