What new swimmers usually struggle the most with is the fact that swimming tires you pretty quickly, and you loose your breath after a few meters. If you are trying to improve your swimming but have to stop and rest every now, the best advice that we can give you is: swim slowly.

But it’s easier said than done.

We have the tendency to start fast and aim for speed and distance rather than movement and pace. Contrarily to many other sports, swimming has a lot to do with grace and coordination. Give it time.

The main benefits you will discover once you consciously swim slowly are:

1- You will be more aware of your body, its interaction with water and its every movement.

2- You will feel like you control your body and its balance. This will give you more focus.

3- After a few laps, the pace seem to pick up effortlessly as your body is warmed-up and your body executes the movements in a coordinated fashion.

So start by slowing down, and when you feel ready, start mixing the speeds.

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