Calories burnt for the different swimming strokes


We all know that swimming is one of the best sports to burn calories. It stimulates all the big muscles groups while being gentle on your joints.  But did you know that different strokes burn a different number of calories? Of course, it also depends on your body weight and physical stamina, but here is to give you a general idea of the calories you can burn in a workout:

FREESTYLE (Front Crawl):
The freestyle stroke is one of the strokes that stimulates the most muscles. It burns around 600 calories per hour.

It burns fewer calories than other strokes but works your leg muscles a lot (since they are constantly moving in a circular way). It burns around 400 calories per hour.

The backstroke requires less efforts than the front strokes because a large part of your body weight is supported by floating on your back. Nevertheless, it burns around 500 Calories per hour.

It is one of the most difficult strokes and burns the most calories out of all the other swimming techniques. In fact, it can burn around 900 Calories per hour!

Although you might not realize it, you are burning calories when you swim for leisure. You can burn up to 300 calories per hour.

Useful tip: track your calories with a self-tracking monitor. This will enable you to measure your performance and hence, optimize it. Instabeat will soon equip you with the perfect device to do that, get ready to track the calories you are burning in real-time and to improve your stats!

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