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In the 14th Century, Persians used polished tortoise shells to protect their eyes from the water while diving for pearls. Since then, the swimming goggles have evolved . They went from being crude, painful instruments to high-tech, comfortable models. Here’s a small timeline of the evolution of swimming goggles:

~14th century: First Recorded version of the goggles- polished tortoise shells.

~17th century: Guy Gilpatrick (the American Pilot) used swim goggles to protect his eyes from saltwater when he went diving.

~18th Century: Polynesians skin divers were the first to incorporate glass lenses in goggles. They were useless for competition because they fell off during dives and turns and were not completely waterproof.

~1910s: Goggles were first used to cross the English Channel.

~1960s: individual swimmers started creating very basic goggles with plastic cups held to the face with elastic.

~By 1972: Goggles became part of the standard swimmer equipment. Since then, and year after year, they are becoming more comfortable, more hydro dynamic, with UV protection, etc…

And that’s not all. Many new technologies are surfacing, trying to meet the swimmers needs.

What we know for sure is that Instabeat is soon revolutionizing the swimming goggles world by equipping swimmers with sleek design and cutting-edge technology monitor. Make sure to pre-order yours if you are an avid swimmer!

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