The front crawl is one of the fastest stroke. There are four major actors in this swimming technique: the body, the head, the arms and the legs. Here are a few tips for each of these actors to help you optimize your swimming performance.

~Keep it flat, long, and parallel with water, this will enable you to avoid water resistance. Also, by lengthening your body,  you are powering your strokes with the right muscless which helps you increase your reach, and hence, your speed. ~Your body should slightly rotate sideways when you breathe.

2- Head:
~You should look slightly forward, not completely down.
~Every five to six strokes, tilt your head to the side to breathe. Do this on alternative sides, to make your body rotate smoothly.
~Make sure your head is back in the water before your arm.
~As we said in our earlier post, exhale the whole time your head is in the water.

3- Arms:
~The first arm should be pointing forward and be completely extended before touching the water.
~Once it’s in the water, bend your elbow and push your hand towards your feet, keeping it going until it reaches the top of your leg.
~Then lift your arm out of the water and try to control it as it goes back to the starting point.
~Travel further with each stroke, don’t try to aim for more strokes.
~Remember: the arms are doing most of the work in the crawl technique, believe it or not, the legs are only here to balance you.

4- Legs:
~Keep your feet and ankles relaxed and loose.
~Don’t kick from he knees but from the hip.

And the final two golden tips:
~Swim as often as possible to enhance your stamina.
~Track yourself (measure your heart rate, the number of laps per hour, etc…); this will enable you to consciously improve your performance.

Instabeat will soon equip you with just the right monitor to do that, accurately and seamlessly… Stay on the lookout!

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