Early recordings of swimming were found on stone-age paintings as far back as 7000 years ago! But many historians believe swimming to exist  since the very beginning of humanity. Here is our first “episode” of the history of swimming.

Swimming began as a necessity rather than a simple sport. To be able to fish and sometimes move from a place to another, pre-historic humans had to learn how to swim early on; and since this sport requires no specific equipment, it is probably one of the oldest activities.

Many Egyptian, Roman and Greek palaces were equipped with swimming pool. Swimming was often used in battles as well. And the Greeks were considered as strong swimmers. However, by then, competitive swimming hadn’t been born yet. We will soon give you a glimpse of how all of this evolved.

We have indeed come a long way, with the advancement of technology today and the many tools that are available for better swimming…
And there’s a lot more to come: Instabeat is soon revolutionizing the swimming world with its groundbreaking new self-tracking technology. Stay tuned!

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