We all know that nutrition impact greatly our athletic performances. And different sports require different diets. Check out the ideal meals to optimize your swimming workouts:

Before the workout:
Rule number 1: your meal should take place 3 hour or so before your exercise to give the food time to be digested. It should comprise of mainly carbohydrates such as yogurt, bananas, pears, soy beans, peanuts, etc..
Carbohydrates will give a solid push to your energy and improve your performance.

During the workout:
If you are having a long workout or a full day training, you will need something that will keep your endurance running! First, and obviously, you should drink lots of sports drinks, they will keep you hydrated and will give you the electrolytes you need. For your food intake, you should eat/drink easily digested foods: the moderate glycemic index foods such as sweet potatoes, oatmeal cookies, apple juice, grapes, bananas, etc…

After the workout:
The first thing to do right after your workout (within the first 30 minutes) is to drink plenty of water or sports drinks. After that, you can refuel on protein and high index foods (yay!) such as bagels, potatoes, bread,  rice cakes, honey, cereal, a steak, etc…


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