Believe it or not, when swimming, you should always be exhaling, except when your head is out of the water to inhale. That’s the swimming breathing technique secret 🙂

Exhaling properly can enhance a swimmer’s performance and ease in the water. A lot of swimmers think that by holding their breath they will be able to hold their head under water for longer, but they are only compromising their training.

Why is that?

1-Holding the breath in creates tension and stress. Your shoulders are stiff and you are concentrating on keeping the air in. This is not helping!

2-Instead of delaying the need for air, you are actually making it stronger. In fact, you are building up CO2 in your blood and muscles, making the need for oxygen feel imminent.

So, as said, when your head is in the water, you should always be exhaling (from the mouth or the nose) in a constant stream of bubbles. It takes a little time of getting used to, but is definitely worth it.

Breathe in… breathe out 🙂

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