Instabeat’s Team has been working on the Pitch Deck for a little while now. We therefore thought we would share with you our biggest learnings so you can put them to use!

1- Know your audience well and plan accordingly: When you’ve been working on your startup non-stop and for a long time, you tend to forget that some concepts, that might seem obvious to you, are not well understood by others. Take Instabeat for instance, we have been talking about self-tracking in sports for as long as I can remember, we therefore did not deem necessary to add  the reason why self-tracking is important in the deck; we were way past that basic, yet crucial, point. But what if the investor is not athletic and does not understand the importance of self-tracking? In sum, you will be amazed by how much information seems evident to you but needs to be clearly stated in your pitch.

2- Keep it simple: Define a problem/opportunity and present your solution. Do not try to “sound” smart by using technical words. This will only annoy investors. Instabeat is launching a high-tech product, but although the bulk of the work that was done was technical, the investor deck should not include all the small intricate details. If needs be, they should be available (in the appendix for instance), but do not use that precious short time you have during your pitch to throw lingo at the audience.

3- Use graphics/charts while keeping it clean: In a presentation, people prefer and retain visuals much more than text. We are not saying that you should do a chart for every single slide, but make sure that the complicated concepts are clearly illustrated. There are many tools that can hep you do that (Like SmartArt on Powerpoint for example- If I had a penny for every time we said “let’s try smartart” while preparing the Instabeat deck, I would be rich!). Explore these tools and make use of them, because that’s what is going to stick.

4- Have a realistic development plan and a vision: Investors want to see how far this idea of yours can go. They do not want to invest in a volatile product, you need to show them that your concept can be renewed and re-exploited after a certain amount of time. Wait till you see Instabeat’s future plans!

5- Emphasize on the team’s capabilities: This is one of the most important parts of your presentation. To investors, the people are almost as important as the idea. Include a slide where your team is presented along with their relevant credentials.

6- Be clear on your next steps:  The end should be a call for action with the kind of investment you are looking for. A lot of entrepreneurs do not necessarily enjoy laying out finances. But at the end of the day, that’s what defines how much you will be asking from the investors and how much they will be getting in return.

All that’s left to do is to let your passion out and wait for it to get contagious. It will eventually get to the investors 😉

Good luck!

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