Sick of vegan diets and tasteless food? Here are some easy ways to stay healthy without having to cut the good out of your diet.

~Drink lots of tea:  it tastes good, it keeps your mouth busy and is extremely beneficial for your health.

~Eat whatever you want but in small portions: craving that chocolate cake? Take two bites of it. No frustrations.

~Switch to healthy equivalents: buy wholegrain foods, eat cheese with rice-cakes instead of bread. It is still as good (sometimes even better) and more nutritious.

~Invest in a blender: Making colorful fruit juices takes a few seconds. You can get creative in the mix of the fruits you choose and it tastes amazingly good. This is the best way to motivate you to drink super-healthy drinks more often.

~Keep a water bottle on your side: If you have a big bottle on your desk, you will be more inclined to drink. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty- make it a habit to pick up that bottle every once in a while.

Much easier than you thought, right?

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