Technology has pushed the sports world to its limits, and it’s only the beginning.

Check out Instabeat’s list of the tech innovations that have changed the way we see and do sports in the last decade.

1-The Dartfish Software:
The Dartfish Software is an innovative way of recording sports with digital image enhancements, enabling the user to view and analyze every movement of the athlete. It has revolutionized the Sports broadcast world.

2- The Speedo Fastskin:
It is a swimsuit that basically imitates the texture of a shark’s skin. This helps reduce the “drag” in the water. Michael Phelps was wearing the Fastskin Swimsuit when he won his numerous medals at the Olympics.

3- The Hawk-Eye Ball-Tracking System:
This complex computer system has changed the tennis world as it closely tracks the trajectory of the ball, determining whether it was out or not making the final judgement error-free.

4-Hyperbaric chamber:
It is a room where you breathe pure oxygen. Athletes go into it to enhance their energy level, recover quicker from workouts, and enhance their endurance. It is also used when an athlete is injured: a higher concentration of oxygen in the blood helps the healing.

5-The RespiBelt:
It is a device strapped to your chest that enhances the efficiency of the muscles when you run. It provides a training load to the breathing muscles as the chest expands during breathing. This device was used by Olympic 10,000m medallists: Mo Farah and Galen Rupp.

What’s next?

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