Most of us see swimming as a leisure rather than a sport. We associate it with the beach, the sun, the lazing, the sleeping… And we have all tried to tune out the┬áclassic “swimming is the best sport!” sentence.

But stop for a second there. Have ever asked yourself why people say that? What’s the deal with swimming being one of the top-ranked sports?

That’s what I thought ­čÖé

Today, Instabeat gives you the main points that make up the rationale behind this affirmation. Yes, we are taking on the challenge to try and motivate you to wear your swimming suit,  strap on your goggles, and dive into it.

~It’s an all-Body Workout– When swimming, you have to use all the muscles in your body otherwise you will get easily tired. It also works your body motor coordination making you more agile and flexible.

~ It is a low-impact sport: When you are in the water, there is almost no Gravity. So since water supports your weight, exercising in it is gentle on your joints and bones.┬áThis is why “fragile” people are recommended to swim (pregnant women, elderly people, etc…).

~It improves your fitness and cardiovascular activity: When swimming, you are doing an aerobic activity. This stimulates your heart and therefore improves your endurance.

~It helps you lose weight– You burns 500 calories in an only an hour of swimming!

~It improves your posture: Swimming Tones your muscles and gives you a svelte stance.

~It reduces stress: just like any other sport, swimming gives you the energy you need to carry on with your day, and makes you feel better.

Have we convinced you yet?

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