Do you feel that your swimming goggles are too tight, do they easily steam up? Do they let water in? Do they make your vision blurry? Uncomfortable goggles can ruin your training, check out the points below to make sure that you buy the ones that are right for you!

1- Around the eyes:
Try the goggles without the strap. Put them around your eyes, apply a small pressure with your fingers while putting and if the goggles “stick” for a split second, then you’re good to go. Just keep in mind that the straps are only here to keep the goggles in place, not to provide the seal around the eyes.

2- Around the head:
Once you checked the “suction” effect of the goggles, you should strap them on to check the tightness and comfort of the whole thing. Is it easily adjustable? Is the nose-bridge comfortable? If so, then the goggles have passed the second test!

3- Style:
Look at yourself in the mirror! do you like what you see? You need to feel good in your swimming goggles, so make sure you love them before you buy them.

A quick final tip: try several goggles before making your final decision as it will help you compare and choose wisely the one you want.

Happy swimming!

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