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Heart rate, steps, calories… What’s all the fuss about tracking oneself?

Well, although it might not seem obvious at first glance, not only does self tracking impact your health and well-being but also your lifestyle and mood.

So here are four main benefits of self-tracking you should know- definitely worth a read:

1- Gain Motivation by setting goals– Whether you want to lose weight or to enhance your stamina, dealing with numbers and raw data helps you understand better what is going on and hence feel like you are in control. This, in turn, motivates you to set higher targets every time and drive yourself to achieve your own personal best results.

2- Identify Trends and Act Upon Them- You set a target, you monitor your performance closely, you evaluate the result, discover trends, and most of the time, you unveil useful information: lazier on weekend, energetic on Mondays, etc… These small discoveries will set the stage for your next step towards self-bettering.

3- Improve your quality of life – Many new apps now let you track your mood and feelings. By monitoring them and finding links between several variables,  you can understand what affects your mood, sleep cycle, health and well-being.

4-Help your doctor, or better yet, be your own- By providing your doctor with your self-tracking data, you can help him understand better your condition and, consequently, cure you better.

So track away, it will only do you good 🙂

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